Country Christmas Decorating Idea #1: Greenery on the Porch

by Amy

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  Living in the country has it’s perks.  One of those perks is the fact that cedar trees are plentiful around here.  Now, the hubby would probably disagree with me on this point as he is always fighting them and their uncanny knack of growing in fence lines and generally wherever we don’t want them to grow. But when it comes to decorating my porch for Christmas, I’m sure glad there’s a never-ending supply of branches around for trimming.

This is my porch.  To me, the white spindles just scream “Decorate us with greenery!”, so of course, I must oblige.

I’ve done this for several years, but last year, due to an early cold snap, I didn’t get around to it.  It is a lot of work.  Not the actual clipping of the branches, but the tying them on the railings.  That takes quite a while since we have a fairly large porch.

I suppose, I could go out and buy greenery, but I really enjoy the smell of the fresh cedar and the way the dark blue seeds look against the white porch railing.  It also makes a nice spot for cardinals to land in December.  Such a pretty site!

The only down side to using cedar branches for decorating would have to be my allergy issues.  Because I’m allergic to every kind of tree under the sun, wearing a double-layer of long sleeves and thick leather gloves is a must.  I still end up with hives up and down my arms, and sometimes a runny nose, but it’s all worth it in the end.  It’s so cozy and welcoming to drive down the driveway and see it all decorated for Christmas!

Greenery on the Porch Supplies:
Cedar branches of varying lengths
Floral wire ties
Leather gloves

Step 1: Find a patch of cedar trees, preferably with blue seeds

Step 2: Cut your branches to various lengths

Step 3: Take your branches back to your porch and start decorating

Step 4: Use the wire tires (I chose white since my porch is white) to tie 2-3 branches down on the railing. You can always go back and add a few more in later if it looks like it needs to be fuller.

Step 5: Get a helper like this one.  She made walking back and forth on the porch really fun.  It was like a cat obstacle course.

(Her name is Black Betty, BamBaLamBaLam.) That’s her official name.  We’ve had her for exactly one week.  She showed up in our barn and the only other cat we have is an old tom cat, named Tom, of course.  He lives in the barn on occasion, so we were really surprised to find Betty in there.  And she’s already cost me a trip to the vet, but that’s another post.

Step 6:
Continue layering branches across the porch railing until all have been fully covered.

Any extra branches can be placed in an old wash bin and put on display.

Greenery on the porch….a simple, yet elegant way to decorate your porch for the holidays!

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