An Exercise Challenge for Kids

by Heather

Do you need to get your kids moving?  A quick way to get my kids outside or to zap those rainy day blues is to set up an exercise challenge.  I write several exercises on a piece of paper and challenge my kids to complete each of the activities listed.  Your child can circle, highlight, initial, or place a sticker next to each completed activity.  When the kids complete their tasks they can enjoy a fruit juice bar or tasty fruit smoothie.

Ideas for activities include: 

25 jumping jacks
10 toe touches
Hop on each foot 25 times
10 sit-ups
10 push-ups
15 mountain climbers
Run around the house two times
Punch the air 25 times
Jump rope for one minute
Dance for two minutes

Your kids may also have few ideas of their own they would like to add as free choice

Hours of play: 

         Cut the bottom out of a large paper sack. Then, cut down one of the four corners so the bag is completely open and can lay flat on the floor in a rectangle. Place the bag on the floor and cut apart several more bags.  Tape the undersides of the bags together to create a large mat.  Kids can use the new mat to create a mural, map, castle, meadow, racetrack, town, zoo, or anything else they can imagine.  This works great for an indoor recess activity as well.  

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