The Doodle Book

by Heather

My kids love choosing their own mini-vacation.  My husband and I couldn’t take a lengthy family vacation last summer, so we decided to take day trips and make them extra special by taking each kid on a special individual trip.  The vacation days were a blast and the kids had such a great time planning their agendas and eating at their favorite restaurant.  This was a great time for mom and dad too.  We don’t often get to spend lengthy quality time with each kiddo by him/her self.  It is a great time for making memories that your kids will never forget.

We are getting ready to take a 15-hour car trip with 3 kids under the age of 10.  I am trying to conjure up as many car trip boredom busters as possible.  A couple of ideas so far include a doodle book.  Simple to create and I am hoping it will help each kid fight those “I’m bored” or “Are we there yet” moments that we are sure to have.

The object of the doodle book can be to doodle the things they see out their window as we travel or to help keep a doodle journal of all the activities that occur on the trip.  Either way I think the kids will really love it.

My daughter and I went to Chicago and she kept a doodle page on the nightstand in our hotel room.  Each special activity we did she recorded on her doodle pad.  This was a great way to remember all of the fun experiences, and it help to chronicle our time together.

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